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Meet your Neighbor ~ Our Conversation with Morgan Walker

Stories are important.  They help build strength and community in the good times and the bad.  There is such a power in sharing ones.  Here at Metalhead by Design we embrace our diversity and the important pieces we bring to the table in telling our story.  Join us in community and in celebration of one another.

Come on over and meet your Neighbor.....



Kimberly: How and when did you get started?

Morgan: I started my home business, with encouragement and prompting from my husband in 2012.  Before starting I let the fear of the unknown, paperwork and insurance side of the home business stop me from seeing the beauty, freedom and financial gain of working from home.  With my husband’s experience running his small business and us wanting to have children, gave me that nudge to move forward and am I glad that I did! Working from home is so rewarding not only to myself and family but also for my clients, they rave over how much more relaxing their massage is with the quietness and open space of my custom-built massage office attached to our house, rather than in a shared public office with lots of noisy traffic from other clients walking in and out.  

A quick note from my Husband:

When we were dating one of the many things that attracted me to Morgan was the fact that she was a massage therapist, at the time she was working for someone else and I could see the potential for her to have her own massage business at home working part-time and being a stay at home mother to our future children.  We both benefited from our mothers being stay at home moms and we wanted to give this to our children and at the same time earn money and contribute financially. Through a lot of hard work, we accomplished both.


Kimberly:  What was the path that led you to start?

Morgan:  At the end of my senior year in high school, I still had no direction on where to go once graduation day came.  I’ve always had a passion for health and wellness but never a clear path to a career in that field. My grandmother invited me to take a Pilates class from a massage therapist that she had been seeing.  Little did I know that taking that class and speaking with the instructor would lead me to the career I would have today. She encouraged me to look into massage and that there was a school nearby I could drive to and be able to live at home.   I have a strong love for health and wellbeing so decided to take a chance and jump into the opportunity to learn and help others. I happily discovered that massage therapy fit with my natural gifts of having a kind, loving soul with a desire to help make others live a less painful life through massage therapy.


Kimberly: What do you find is the most rewarding thing you get out of your business?

Morgan: Hands down the most rewarding thing I get out of my business, besides the ability to stay at home with my girls, is that text or email I receive from clients I have just worked on, either later that day or a few days later, expressing how much my massage has improved their pain level or mobility. That is the top thing that keeps me motivated to give my clients the best massage that I can.


Kimberly: What do you struggle with the most in your business?

Morgan:  I would say that keeping up with my book work is an area that I am constantly striving to do better at.  It’s the small things that I just do not enjoy doing such as writing down all the gift certificates I’ve sold or the exact number of hours I worked.  I have a general idea of how many hours because I can look back at my schedule book and see but it’s not as organized as I would like or could be.


Kimberly: What comes the easiest to you in your business?

Morgan:  The easiest part of what I do is the actual massage and listening to my client’s needs no matter how small. The details that make each client feel like the most important person for that hour out of their day is what I love and what comes naturally to me. Sometimes it’s not even the actual massage I provide but patiently and compassionately listening to my clients' current issue or struggle in life.

Kimberly:  What’s one thing you would do if you knew you would not fail?

Morgan: Honestly, I love my business in all aspects and have no dream to change or grow in any way.  Although if I could take more classes on a technique called Craniosacral Therapy and be able to apply it and truly help clients I would definitely do that. I have yet to completely understand and “feel” the pulse of the fluid that needs to be restored to bring balance back to the body.  I feel some therapists are totally in tune with this and if I knew I wouldn’t fail I would immerse myself in Craniosacral Therapy training. 

Kimberly:  When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Morgan:  The most recent one that stands out above the rest was something I experienced with my daughter and Aunt.  We were unknowingly blessed with a canceled flight home from Missouri this past summer after being gone from my husband and other daughter for 4 days. To make the best of our extra day we looked at the glass as half full and found some exciting things to go and do.  The Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium was number one on our list and confirmed by other stranded travelers. This turned out to be one of my favorite memories I know I will cherish for my lifetime. The Museum and Aquarium was the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen, they had no shortage of animals either real or stuffed.  But the biggest draw was that you could feed the stingrays! I know it must sound silly and unimpressive but if you know me you’ll know I am utterly terrified and at the same time in love with the ocean, do not like bugs and touching icky things. I figured they would have some sort of dried food to feed these stingrays but I was wrong. They, of course, had their natural favorite food…..sardines.  Ugh. So here I am trying to pep myself up to not only hold these dead fish in my hand but stick that hand into the water to feed the stingrays. My 5-year-old daughter was watching so I had to be brave for her. Lol. After I summed up the courage I finally did it! I fed a stingray! It was the most incredible thing I have done in a while. The feeling is like none other when they come and suck the little sardines out of your hand. And that was the last memorable thing I have done for the first time.   

Kimberly:  What or who lights you up right now and why?

Morgan:  Being with my husband and family at church has been a highlight of my week most recently.  Listening to the sermon and being able to discuss what and how it relates to our lives has been filling my heart with such joy.  I love learning and seeing different points of view on scripture and the stories. 


Kimberly:  Who inspires you in business and why?

Morgan:  My husband. He is beyond supportive and continually reminds me of how valuable my work is, even though we both joke that I only work 6-8 hrs. a week.

Kimberly:  What is your favorite book business or otherwise and why?

Morgan:  My favorite book would be “Gifted Hands” with Ben Carson.  The book is so inspiring that you can make something of yourself no matter your background and upbringing. That nothing can stop you and hard work and determination will pay off.  I listen to quite few podcasts and have found some that I faithfully listen to every week including; The Brian Buffini Show for motivation, Simply Charlotte Mason and a Delectable Education for homeschool advise, The Rabbi Daniel Lapin show for spiritual and life guidance, How I Built This and Stuff you Missed in History Class for interesting stories of how businesses get started and just cool history facts.

Kimberly:  What is your favorite quote and why?

Morgan:  I have to say that as much as I love quotes and there are great ones out there, I do not do a good job remembering them or having a favorite.  I gravitate towards the ones on love, hard work and raising children. Currently, in this season of my life, I remind myself that my husband and I are “intentionally parenting” and spreading the feast of knowledge before our girls with the hope that they take in and grow in wisdom that far surpasses our own.  From Charlotte Mason

Kimberly:  Where do you see yourself in 3 years? (it can be in this business, an addition to, a whole new business or career)

Morgan:  In my business 3 years from now, I see it roughly the same as it currently is, I’m perfectly content and satisfied on how it fits into my life.  In addition to this main business, my daughters and I will have a roadside flower stand on our property that we grow and sell homegrown flower bouquets in unique containers. God's purpose for us as parents is to raise our children to love, care and think about others, just as Jesus did.  I see that offering flowers to brighten people's day does just that and teaches our children the way you earn money is through helping others.

Kimberly:  Is there anything that I missed that you would love to share with others?

Morgan:  I’m 8 years into the best blessing that was placed in front of me right out of high school.  I am a caring massage therapist that is able to provide my clients with a specific massage designed just for them, all from the peaceful space of my own home office.  This may be who I am career-wise but more importantly, I am first a grateful wife to an encouraging supportive husband and mother of 2 happy daughters, ages 5 and 2. Prioritizing staying at home to raise our daughters while still earning an income by serving others is my focus in this season of life.  I love the traditional values and structure of the family that has the mother at home with the kids, preparing meals, cleaning and just enjoying life with children. In doing this I get to share in the best moments of my young girls lives. I’m happily embracing motherhood and being a good wife to my husband who works long hours so I can live this dream life.  It’s a rewarding life that unfortunately our modern society would have us believe should not be prioritized and of less value. I am truly grateful to have found someone to share my life with that understands this path and together we support each other in our common goals.


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