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Uncommon birthstone for January, rose quartz.


Good morning guys!!


I hope you guys are having a great start to your new year.  I am not a resolutions girl at all, but I did set some goals for the year, so we will see how that goes. 


Starting this year, I thought it would be cool to dive into the world of uncommon birthstones.  So, every month I will dive into these stones giving you fun facts, uses, histories, and lore surrounding these uncommon birthstones.


First, one I am starting with is, of course, January’s birthstone.  January is one of my favorite months because 3 of my 4 kid’s birthdays are this month.  So, this month I will have a pre-teen (11-year-old) and two 8-year-olds.   Garnet is the most commonly January’s birthstone and while it is a gorgeous stone January has another stone just as beautiful and that is Rose Quartz.



How to use rose quartz?

Rose quartz is known in the Crystal Community as the stone of unconditional love and peace and given it the beauty it is easy to see why.  This gem has a high energetic frequency that’s said to help bring romance into your life.  It is thought that putting this stone under your pillow will help attract the man of your dreams.



What is Rose Quartz made of?

Rose Quartz is a quartz that is a pale pink to rose-colored stone.  Made of titanium, manganese, and iron.  Until recently it was not really known what caused the pink hue.  While examining a large piece of rose quartz it was found that the color may come from fibers found deep inside causing the reflection of them to glow pink.


Where can you find Rose Quartz?

This type of quartz amazingly is found all over the world.  The most common places to find it in the United States is in South Dakota, Montana, and California.  Outside of the United States, it can be found in Germany, Brazil, Madagascar, and India.  Rose Quartz was first recorded as being found in Rumford, Maine.



What is the myth behind Rose Quartz?

Legend has it that Rose Quartz got its color from the blood of Greek Goddess Aphrodite and God Adonis’s mixing and collecting on white quartz.  This is said to have happened when Aphrodite cut herself on a tree while saving Adonis from an attack by the God of war Ares.  I love this story behind how this stone got its color.  No wonder many cultures find this gem powerful and love encouraging.


Rose Quartz Benefits

Healing properties of this stone come from some of the minerals that make up this stone.

Manganese is known for its great wound healing because it increases collagen production.  Also, it reduces PMS symptoms and brings relief to headaches.

Iron is well known for improving blood cleaning and circulation.  Also, Boosts Immunity, concentration, and helps you get restful sleep. Not only is this stone beautiful but has wonderful healing properties.


I had such a great time researching this gem for you guys.  Well, to be honest, I am a nerd when it comes to researching anything so of course, I had fun.  I hope you guys found this interesting and maybe instead of garnet this year and a birthstone gift you try something new and go out and grab and rose quartz birthstone gift.  Better yet, how about garnet and rose quartz jewelry gift.


Have a great day and I will be back next month with February’s uncommon birthstone. February is also one of my favorite months because it is my oldest child’s birth month. The big 1-8 this year.  I am not sure what I think about that.


What is your favorite month and why?


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Have a great day!!!








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