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What is a Metalhead?

At Metalhead by Design, it's not just about the jewelry.  It’s about us.

We are the community we build with the diversity that we have.  Pulling and supporting each other no matter what walk of life we have sprung from.  Understanding we all have something to bring to the table.

So, let's eat!!


The soul of Metalhead by Design is to embrace the duality within all of us.

We believe that we should not be kept in a box. That we should be able to express ourselves no matter what extreme that leads to.

As a Metalhead, we draw support from each other's strengths.

Metalheads are Community Builders, Brave, Optimistic, Encourager of others, Embracers of the Extreme, and Celebrators of life.

We strive to empower and encourage others through connection.  Bringing our different styles out to play.

We choose strength, support, community, and diversity to inspire and uplift others.

In the beginning, Metalhead by Design was started to express the diversity that I had within myself.  I am a Wife and Mother of 4. I'm soft-spoken, polite, and a strong believer in God. I also love dark humor, heavy metal, and skulls. Neither side takes away from the other.  If anything, they strengthen each other.

So, my pieces began to express both the soft and edgy side that I had within me.
I came to realize that it was not just me.  With every new piece I made for someone, it brings a different piece into my very life. Which I truly love.
My designs are earthy, hippie, stone driven. Yet, can be edgy, leather bond, and heavy metal filled which are both sides of me.

We all have this Duality inside of us and sometimes push one side to the back feeling as though and no longer has a place in our life, but it does.

Diversity should show, and you should bring all of you to the table.  You never know who you are going to help. It may be yourself.

Metalhead by Design is here to express this duality that we have and let you know that everything is okay.

Soft, edgy, sweet, strong, sensitive, elegant, girly, tomboy, and any other extreme you have. You are here, you are wanted, and you are doing great things.

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  • Kim that was great. What a look at inside you. that’s not an easy thing to expose to the world for some. Great job. You are an inspiration and thanks for sharing more of you.

    Susan england

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