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Why I Use Copper in my Jewelry

Why do I use copper you ask? When there are so many “prettier” and “better” metals to use?

Well, first and probably the top reason that I have chosen to use copper predominantly in my pieces is that I love the Beauty and the earthiness that it brings out in the stones that I use. I love the changes in color. From the bright beautiful shiny metal then this edgy dark brownish metal and when left alone long enough the beautiful blue-green patina. Not only is it beautiful it is also beneficial to wear.  

In this blog post, I will be going over a brief interesting history of copper but I will also go over the many healing properties and benefits copper is known for.   

Enjoy reading! 

Copper is the oldest metal mined from the Earth.  For nearly 5,000 years it was the only metal known to man. The Copper Age started in 4500 BC and in 2200 BC the first Copper medical tools were used.  It has been used for royalty throughout history. Fashioning some of the most beautiful crowns and jewelry we know. It was so valuable at one point, that it was used as a status symbol between the wealthy and the poor.  Cooper is by far one of the most important metals in our history.

Copper is called “The World's Most Renewable Resource” because it is 100% recyclable. Some of the copper used today was used 10,000 years ago.  So it is not unreal to think there is a possibility that the copper you are wearing may have been used thousands of years ago in a Pharos headpiece.  How cool is that?

Copper is tough and very pliable which is why it is ideal for forming jewelry and even cookware due to its ability to conduct heat

Copper does not rust but rather build a natural patina over the years. Starting off beautiful and bright and then depending on the environment it will start darkening and if left uncleaned it will make it to its final stage which is the beautiful blue-green talked about earlier. Think the Statue of Liberty made with 80 tons of copper sheet.  A gift to America from France in 1886.

Some of the wonderful said healing properties of copper are of course the most popular one which is that copper helps with achy joints.   The minerals absorbed in small doses from copper are iron and zinc and they bypass the liver going straight to the bloodstream. Don't let this scare you, you absorb these minerals and very small amounts.   Some of the other benefits the copper said to help with our increasing cardiovascular health a healthier immune system anti-aging and improving collagen production. Those last two are my favorite.

Here, I will quickly cover two concerns.  People are afraid that since the earrings are made of copper that they are going to hurt and irritate their ears. Believe you me I had the same concern. My ears are super sensitive and I thought could only wear silver and gold but that is not true.   I use 100% pure copper I do not have any swelling or irritation in my ears at all. Turns out the irritation comes from a reaction to the nickel mixed in some metals.  

The second concern is why might my skin turn green wearing copper jewelry? The green color left on the skin tends to be a reaction to the salt in or on your skin.  This same reaction actually happens with pure gold and pure silver also. The keyword here is “pure”, not 10k, 14k, or 24K gold which are mixtures. So if you tend to sweat a lot you may turn green or if you tend to be closer to the ocean and have a lot of saltwater in the air.  Unlike other metals, it is super easy to get off with just soap and water.  

Cleaning your Copper Jewelry. If you do not like the lovely dark patina that occurs on your piece overtime or you let it sit for so long that it turns blue you simply take some lemon juice to soak it in for a couple of minutes and lightly brush it with a soft bristle brush and it will bring that beautiful shine and luster back.

At the end of the day, it really boils down to the fact that…….. 

I really love the look of Copper. I will in the future be using different metals, but at the moment I enjoy using copper. I have worked in silver which of course is gorgeous and I've also worked in brass which is beautiful and I will be bringing some of those pieces to you at some other point so make sure you keep your eyes open for those!  Copper is just where it’s at for me right now.

What is your favorite copper piece at the moment?

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  • Great information on copper and it’s properties. Thanks for all the fun facts and clearing up some misconceptions on copper. Love your pearl amd copper collection. Can’t wait for the next piece.

    Susan england
  • I enjoyed this article about copper. It was interesting and informative. I loved reading how much you like working with copper!

  • Very interesting blog page.

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